Welcome to the Forest Products Price Information Portal


When price and supply information is readily available to the public (market transparency), it provides maximum opportunity to buyers and sellers to effect transactions with minimum transaction costs. Market transparency reduces information asymmetry, thereby allowing fair exchange of goods and services.

This portal facilitates search for various information sources reporting price information. It comprises more than 200 different information sources. These include price series data, non-series price data and other price related information from more than 30 countries, mainly European. For each source, a meta-information is provided. Users can search by product category, geographic location, market area, and organisation type.


The portal will be useful to various stakeholders, such as researchers, marketing specialists and decision makers in the forestry and timber industry. The portal is an output of the EFI feasibility study on improving forest products price information. This study was conducted by the EFI Observatory for European Forest, in collaboration with the UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section.